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Amazon.com Books Search Results | http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/Author=Hastad,%20Johan/top100 | April 1994) Our Price: $23.95; Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend by Johan Galtung, et al (Hardcover ) Our Price: $69.95 / Average Customer Review:

Atrium Books - Johan | http://www.atrium.com/names/name-Johan.html | of Johan Bale (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, Vol 70) Choose Peace: A Dialogue Between Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda Johan Ihre on the Origins

AFB-INFO 2/96 - Israel | http://www.bonn.iz-soz.de/afb/afbinfo/962/inf96213.htm | included Ada Aharoni, Johan Galtung, Teruhisa Horio, Karlheinz | entitled Pave Peace through Literature | of Middle East Studies, and supported by

AFB-INFO 2/96 - Contents | http://www.bonn.iz-soz.de/afb/afbinfo/962/inf962_c.htm | Germany: Johan Galtung Awarded Honorary Doctorate; | of German and European Studies. | Right-Wing Extremism; Peace Education/Socio-psychological Peace

Arbeitsstelle für Friedensfragen - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.comlink.apc.org/kurvewustrow/arbeitsstelle/ | Berndt: Frieden auf dem Balkan? / Nenad Vukosavljevic: Peace Agreement on Kosovo!? / SZ-Interview mit Johan Galtung / Wolf-Dieter Narr, Roland Roth, Klaus Vack

Ada Aharoni wrote: Dear Hayden, Bjoern, Kevin, Simona, James | http://www.copri.dk/ipra/pcc-rep.html PEACE CULTURE AND COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION. BOARD MEETING. 18 th IPRA General Conference Tampere, Finland, Saturday, 5 August

Appendix 2 - People Building Peace through the Internet – | http://www.euconflict.org/euconflict/pbp_f/appendic/app2.htm | international programmes: Nonviolence Education & Training, Women | working for peace and development by | of professor Johan Galtung. The website

AfricAvenir | http://www.fu-berlin.de/afrosi/Wissenschaftliche%20Literatur%20-%20Education%20for%20Peace.htm | Galtung,Johan, 1997: Is there | Kevin Clements (eds.): Peace Culture & | International Perspective. Studies in Comparative Education. Paris: UNESCO

Articles conflicts | http://www.globalsolidarity.org/conflicts.html | OF PEACE STUDIES byJohan Galtung. Israel-Palestine: The need for a just peace By Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen. Nobel Peace Prize for Kim Dae Jung by Johan Galtung

About Myself | http://www.law.shudo-u.ac.jp/users/okamoto/english/emitsuo/mitsutop.html | Field of Research: Peace Research, Peace Education. With Dr. Johan Galtung, father of Peace Studies Okinawa International University, 10/30/96 (Photo by Yoshino

AN INTRODUCTION TO DR | http://www.peace.ca/drjohangaltung.htm | INTRODUCTION TO DR. JOHAN GALTUNG Johan Galtung is one of those | the father of modern peace research and education, having founded the world's

ANZAI Ikuro (College of International Relations) | http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/kic/ir/college/staffs/iat02143-e.html | [Name], Professor ANZAI | Society], Peace Studies Association of | director), Global Peace Museums Network | co-authored with Johan Galtung) Kamogawa publishing

About Daisaku Ikeda | http://www.sgi-usa.org/thesgiusa/aboutsgi/ikeda.html | from the Austrian Ministry of Education, Medal of the Grand Officer | Dr. Norman Cousins; Choose Peace, with Dr. Johan Galtung; The Snow Country Prince

A Carfax Publishing Title: Pacifica Review: Peace, Security & | http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/boards/c-boards/par-edb.html | Monash University Johan Galtung - Peace Studies, University of

artikel | http://www.transcend.at/texte/artikel/artikel.htm | Crafting Peace: On the Psychology of the Transcend Approach. Von Johan Galtung und Finn Tschudi. |


BRC News | http://www.brc21.org/newsletters/n14-05.html | Under the leadership of Professor Johan Galtung, a pioneer of peace studies as an academic subject and director of the TRANSCEND Peace & Development Network

Britannica.com | http://www.britannica.com/magazine/article?content_id=13405&query=wicksell%20johan%20gustaf%20knut | purpose of peace studies? Johan Galtung: A major focus of | I mean by peace education, and a lot of | required for it. Peace studies is an applied

Britannica.com | http://www.britannica.com/search?miid=1267149&query=Wicksell,+Johan+Gustaf+Knut | Peace education is only meaningful if it leads to action. UNESCO Courier (Jan97) Features an interview with Johan Galtung, founder of modern peace studies

Buddhist Document Downloads | http://www.chant4.co.uk/sgi/schedule.html | Very Brief Introduction to the | A lecture given by Johan Galtung at TRANSCEND - SGI-UK Joint | Chart (Japanese characters for 'Peace'). Lecture on the 26

"Best Books in Peace Education | " PSA News Item #1 - part | http://www.earlham.edu/~psa/Best-Books.html | and Informed Me in Peace Education (and in some cases | David; Introduction to Peace Studies *PS* -- Kathleen Maas | Galtung, Johan; Peace by Peaceful

Bibliothek - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.gbw.at/bibliothek/biblio.html?xy=g | und Ideologie | Details Galtung, Johan Menschenrechte - anders gesehen | Details Galtung, Johan Peace by peaceful means | Details Galtung, Johan Eurotopia

Bibliothek - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.gbw.at/bibliothek/gebiet.html?sachgebiet=Friedenspolitik | Peace Studies | Details Gaisbacher,Johann, Kaser, Karl, Promitzer, Christian, Sax, Barbara, Schögler, Johann (Hrsg.) Krieg in Europa | Details Galtung, Johan

books | http://www.hawaii.edu/uhip/pubs1.html | 180 pp. Review by Dr. Johan Galtung. | Peace Studies: The Evolution of Peace Research and Peace Education, by Carolyn Stephenson, Matsunaga

Book Reviews | http://www.igc.org/nonviolence/niseasia/ptsin/book96.htm | in development and education. The results of | review by Johan Galtung, (author of | Means and Peace and Conflict | of International Studies in Nicaragua is

Bike for Peace. Serbia. Beograd. Balkan | http://www.lende.no/bike/ Bike for Peace. Jugoslavia - Serbia - Beograd | TRANSFORMATION BY PEACEFUL MEANS (av Johan Galtung) i den hensikt å | BIKE FOR PEACE er en organisasjon som

Brian Martin: 1998 ARC application, footnotes | http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/other/ARC/ARC1998_fn.html | construct of an option', Journal of Strategic Studies, vol 4, pp. 125-151 (1981 | 5. Johan Galtung, Peace, War and Defense: Essays in Peace

Balkan Peace Team Kosov@ | http://www.wri-irg.org/xyu/bpt00-09.htm | The Norwegian peace scholar Johan Galtung conducted a symposium on 13 September in Prishtina entitled "Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation Around the

Book Reviews. (1997). Peace & Change, 22(2), 206-239(234). Alden T. Vaughan Roots of American Radism: Essays on the Colonial Experience; Charles F. Howlett Brookwood Labor College and the Struggle for Peace and Social Justice in AmericaRobert David Johnson The Peace Progressives and American Foreign RelationsErnest A. McKay Against Wilson and War, 1914-1917Ilan Peleg Human Rights in the West Bank and Gaza: Legacy and PoliticsAbdullahi Ahmen An-Na'im (editor) Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives: A Quest for ConsensusJohn A. Vasquez, James Turner Johnson, Sanford Jaffe, and Linda Stamato (editors) Beyond Confrontation: Learning Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War EraAbram Chayes and Antonia Handler Chayes (editors) Preventing Conflict in the Post-Communist World: Mobilizing International and Regional OrganizationsJames D. D. Smith Stopping Wars: Defining the Obstacles to Cease-fireI. William Zartman (editor) Elusive Peace: Negotiating an End to Civil WarsBeverly Allen Rape Warfare: The hidden Genocide in Bosnia-Herzegovina and CroatiaRichard Garner Beyond MoralityBartlett C. Jones Flawed Triumphs: Andy Young at the United Nations Peter Lawler A Question of Values: Johan Galtung's Peace Research

Book Reviews. (April 1998). Peace & Change, 23(2), 213-242(230). Johan Galtung Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization Ronald J. Fisher Interactive Conflict Resolution James Downton, Jr., and Paul Wehr The Persistent Activist: How Peace Commitment Develops and SurvivesCharles C. Euchner Extraordinary Politics: How Protest and Dissent Are Changing American DemocracyLea E. Williams Servants of the People: The 1960s Legacy of African American LeadershipCharles M. Payne I've Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom StruggleMoredechai Bar-On In Pursuit of Peace: A History of the Israeli Peace MovementTemma Kaplan Crazy for Democracy: Women in Grassroots MovementsRod Troester Jimmy Carter as Peacemaker: A Post-Presidential BiographyJim Hanson The Next Cold War?: American Alternatives for the Twenty-First Century


Center for Global Peace - Promoting Justice and Peace | http://www.american.edu/academic.depts/acainst/cgp/reconciliation.htm | CONFERENCE SUMMARY. February 19 | to specific case studies relating to | keynote speaker, Johan Galtung set the | by defining justice, peace, and reconciliation

CeiberWeiber * Natowar *Friedensvorschlag von Johan Galtung et | http://www.ceiberweiber.at/natowar/galtung.htm | human rights, and peace education; anda Security Group of | Johan Galtung, a Professor of Peace Studies at several universities,is

99conflict | http://www.ceu.hu/sun/99conflict.html | Johan Galtung WEEK 2 - Mornings: Three TRANSCEND programs (daily 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12): Peace Education: teaching how to teach conflict and peace studies

CourseList99 | http://www.ceu.hu/sun/courses99.htm SUMMMER UNIVERSITY COURSES | Gábor Kõrösi Education Educational Reform | Klatell Medieval Studies The Many | Course Director: Johan Galtung Public Policy

Charter99: A Charter for Global Democracy: Home Page | http://www.charter99.org/charter/signatures_eu.html | have signed. Europe. | Director, Planning Studies Centre, Italy. | Norway. Prof. Johan Galtung, Director, Transcend | President, Norwegian Peace Society, Norway.

CNU TODAY_news_Chonnam National University | http://www.chonnam.ac.kr/~cnutoday/2000723/english/main.htm | Johan Galtung, originator of 'Peace Studies,' will participate in International | Renowned scholar, Prof. Johan Galtung, will give a presentation

Comitato Att. Cult. Uni. To - Conferenze '98 - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.cisi.unito.it/ateneo/cultura/conf98-1.htm | Torino. Relatori: Johan Galtung Fondatore dell¹International Peace Research Institute di Oslo. Phillip

Course Syllabus | http://www.columbia.edu/itc/sipa/U6807x01/client_edit/course_syllabus.html | Galtung, Johan, Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and conflict, Development and Civilization, Sage, London, 1996, pp. 9-114.

CONFLICT & PEACE FORUMS | http://www.conflictandpeace.org/3bus/bus_for1.html | PROFESSOR JOHAN GALTUNG One of the fathers of peace studies which chairs in 5 universities. Author of more than 80 books, including "Economics in Another Key

CPF TEM OFF | http://www.conflictandpeace.org/5int/1int.html | Peace is a fight. It's a good game. When Johan Galtung first came with his idea of Peace Journalism we hesitated. Visions of the Peace Correspondent, flower in

Conflict,Violence,Nonviolence,Peace | http://www.csudh.edu/global_options/POL371-C&V.HTML | violence) on the macro level (Johan Galtung); feminist peace as peace on both | Global-Local Cultures of Peace," in Studies in Peace and Conflict

cv | http://www.djh.dk/personale/Hans-HenrikHolm/CV.html | University.Third World Studies at Roskilde | of Journal of Peace Research Oslo | in Higher Education and Training | Festschrift for Johan Galtung, Oslo: Oslo

Centre for Critical Studies | http://www.infidels.org/misc/center.html | studies, arts, and education. It is one of | Academy, the sociologist Johan Galtung, Yelena Bonner | the field of peace and justice studies and human

cvo | http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/facdep/social/pol/cvo/cvo.htm | CENTER FOR PEACE RESEARCH AND STRATEGIC STUDIES (CPRS). | conferences on peace research. Among the | Julien Freund, Johan Galtung, Michael Nicholson

Comprehensive and Proactive Security Policy | http://www.ploughshares.ca/CONTENT/ABOLISH%20NUCS/Simons%20Conf%20Ottawa/ | Recommendation 8: DRUG EDUCATION AND REHABILITATION to | Galtung, Johan (1996), Peace by | Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, Conrad Grebel

CULTURE, EDUCATION AND PEACE | http://www.sgi-uk.org/m2/education.html | the same umbrella of education, culture and peace | of the fathers of Peace Studies, Professor Johan Galtung. Professionals and academics

Choose Peace - Johan Galtung,Daisak | Ikeda | http://www.styluspub.com/books/book1627.html Stylus Publishing, LLC. Choose Peace A dialogue between Johan Gultang and Daisaku Ikeda. Johan Galtung, Daisaku Ikeda Johan Galtung is Professor of Peace Studies, and | 06/29/2001 http:/ / www.styluspub.com/ books/ book1627.html Searching For Peace - Johan Galtung,Carl G. Jacobsen,Kai Frithjof

Choose Peace - Johan Galtung,Daisaku Ikeda | http://www.styluspub.com/books/book1627.html | Johan Gultang and Daisaku Ikeda Johan Galtung, Daisaku Ikeda Johan Galtung is Professor of Peace Studies, and the Director of TRANSCEND, Geneva, Switzerland.

Circumpolar Coping Processes Project - Newsletter No. 2 | http://www.unesco.org/most/p91news2.htm | Since Newsletter No.1 the | discussion of selecting case studies in each country involved | invited Immanuel Wallerstein, Johan Galtung and Anthony Giddens

Centre Unesco de Catalunya | http://www.unescocat.org/ponang.html | speakers: Johan Galtung (Director TRANSCEND); Vicen Fisas (UNESCO Chair on Peace & Human Rights).

Challenging bureaucratic elites: references | http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/dissent/documents/Schweik_cbe/ | Johan Galtung, Peace, War and Defense. Essays in Peace Research, Volume Two (Copenhagen: Christian Ejlers, 1976).

cosmopolis - programme | http://www.valt.helsinki.fi/vol/cosmopolis/saturday.html | Johan Galtung: ³Global Citizenship, Globalized Human Rights and Global Democracy² Professor of Peace Studies at several universities, and a Director of |


Development and Change | http://www.blackwellpublishers.co.uk/journals/DECH/descript.htm | Access This Journal Online. If you | the Institute of Social Studies homepage. The journal is | Tetsuo Najita, Anthony Giddens, Johan Galtung. More details.

Democracy Now! In Exile - The War And Peace Report With | http://www.democracynow.org/ | Johan Galtung, founder of Peace Studies Listen Now (Real Audio, 50min.) To Order this Video Call 1-800-926-3921.

Dev-Shop Online: Humanitarian_Aid | http://www.dev-zone.org/bookshop/Humanitarian_Aid/ | in Disaster-Prone Places: Studies of Vulnerability Author | to TRANSCEND Author: Johan Galtung; Carl G. Jacobsen | The Business of Peace: The Private Sector

Der Friedensforscher | Johan Galtung über den Balkan-Krieg | http://www.dfg-vk.de/international/kosov198.htm Der Friedensforscher | Johan Galtung ber den Balkan-Krieg. Faschismus ist berall- 06. 06. 1999(Quelle: DFG-VK von Geseko von Lpke sprach mit Johan Galtung) | http://www.dfg-vk.de/international/kosov198

Diakonhjemmet | http://www.diakonhjemmet.no/om_main.html | th September, 19.00-21.00, (Johan Galtung) Deep Cultures, Cultural Violence, Cultural Peace Wednesday 5 th September: "How to develop peace education in Norway

Disarmament and Security Centre - History | http://www.disarmsecure.org/history/ | Dr Homer Jack, Professor Johan Galtung, Professor Adam Curle | the Minister of Education of the then | in 1985 that 'peace studies' be integrated into

Dragan Design: Portfolio Islands | http://www.dragandesign.com/texts/soka.html | Centre for Culture and Education, an estate worth | by Science for Peace, a renown and | Galbraith, Arnold Toynbee, Johan Galtung, Mikhail Gorbachev or

Den Sosialpedagogiske Høgskolen | http://www.dsh.no/ | AKTUELLE KURS OG FOREDRAG: Professor Johan Galtung Fredag 21. september (kl 1730-2045) Lørdag 22. september (kl 0900-1530) "Konfliktløsning ved dialog

Detail | http://www.panetics.org/DisplayOneEvent.cfm?i=110 | Paperback: US$29.95. Johan Galtung, one of the | of modern peace studies, attempts in this | for peace research, peace education and peace action

4d_dealing_constructively.html | http://www.peacelink.nu/Education/LILLEHAMMER%2096/4d_dealing_constructively.html | och smatryck (Malmo: School of Education), No. 855, 1996. (In | International Journal of Peace Studies, 1996, 1 (1). Galtung, Johan. The Basic Needs

Daisaku Ikeda | http://www.soka.edu/ikeda.html | Daisaku Ikeda, president of the | Austrian Ministry of Education, Medal of the | Norman Cousins; Choose Peace, with Dr. Johan Galtung; The Snow Country

Daisaku Ikeda | http://www.toda.org/about_toda/ikeda.html | Daisaku Ikeda. | to peace, culture and education, all reflecting Buddhist | de Athayde; Norwegian peace scholar, Johan Galtung; and former president

Dr. Hayes PhD Thesis - Table of Contents | http://www.ucaqld.com.au/uc/sra/HayesHomePages/Thesis/4TableofContents.html | Part Two. Domination and Peace Research. Chapter One Domination and Peace Research Johan Galtung. Chapter Two Domination and Nonviolence Gene Sharp Mahatma Gandhi. |


Egyház & Béke - 98/1-2 tavasz/nyár | http://www.c3.hu/~bocs/cpq98s5h.htm | Könyvismertetés Forradalmi béke. Johan | az a norvég Johan Galtung. A "Béke | Az évek során Galtung meglepõ mértékig | Church and Peace International. Church

editorial winter 1998 | http://www.crosscurrents.org/editorial_winter_1998.htm EDITORIAL (Com)passion for Peace. Johan Galtung's notion of "religions hard and soft" presents a complex challenge. Although he would be the first to admit that

EPIIC: Archives: 1996: RELIGION AND POLITICS IN THE US | http://www.epiic.com/archives/1996/sympos96/sunday96.html | LANDSCAPES OF TERROR AND | Johan Galtung Founder, International Peace | Unity and Peace; Peace by peaceful Means | Professor of Jewish Studies and Sociology

EPIIC: Archives: 1996: RELIGION AND POLITICS IN THE US | http://www.epiic.com/archives/1996/work96.html | These workshops are an | Renaissance Party, Tunisia; Johan Galtung, University of | Peace and Peace by Peaceful | International Security Studies Program, The

E U MILITARIZATION | http://www.peacezine.org/Articles/e_u__m_i_l_i_t_a_r_i_z_a_t_i_o_n.htm | E U MILITARIZATION: NEUTRALITY AN D | there is no permanent peace - in Europe, or elsewhere. If | is what TFF adviser Johan Galtung - in 1972 - termed a

EPILOGUE | http://www.ritsumei.ac.jp/kic/a06/e/3/t1/t1_32.html | Prize nominee Dr. Johan Galtung extended the meaning | policies. Thus, peace studies must seek practical | the goal of peace education should be

Encyclopedia reviews - short quotes | http://www.uia.org/reviews/shortqs.htm | Warmly recommended, a fresh approach that hopefully will stimulate more creativity in all of us. Johan Galtung Olof Palme Professor of Peace Studies, Stockholm |


Friedenskonsolidierung: Neue Aufgabe einer friedensorientierten | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.euforic.org/dandc/97g_mat.htm | Gewaltausbrüche und entsprechend teure Peace-keeping Missionen und humanitäre | Der norwegische Friedensforscher Johan Galtung hat all diese

Forum - Centre for development and pease studies | http://www.fortunecity.com/oasis/bondi/75/con2.html | Theory of Certain Subturas; Johan Galtung: On the Theory of Social Structures: A Parallel Approach to Vorkunova's Subturas; Analysis Case Studies Michael Ryabov

Future Workshops | http://www.futures.hawaii.edu/dator/futures/Workshops.html | de Jouvenel, Johan Galtung, Magda McHale and John McHale (and, yes, many others) each contributed significant chunks to the substantive field of futures studies

Fredsforskning | http://www.leksikon.org/html/dk/fredsforskning.htm | JG. Litteratur: Johan Galtung: Peace By Peaceful Means, London: SAGE, 1996 Johan Galtung: Conflict Transformation By Peaceful Means, UN, 2000. Se også:

FGF - looking back | http://www.peace-university.net/e-look.html | Education towards Tolerance (Milos | Sanchez, Hartmut Elsenhans, Johan Galtung, Hazel Henderson, John | Future Studies. Global Perspectives on | Peace Work in

Friedens- und Konfliktforschung an der Philipps-Universität | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.uni-marburg.de/konfliktforschung/lehre.html | Lehre und Veranstaltungen Ringvorlesung | Degree im Bereich Peace and Conflict Studies und ein | und Konfliktforschung 4 Johan Galtung: Friede mit |


- Gi fredsprisen til Bush | http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/2001/09/25/284012.html | slik at han ikke setter verden i brann. Blant initiativtakerne er professorene Johan Galtung, Ottar Brox, Magnus Haavelsrud og adjunkt Mosse Jørgensen.

globalinfo.org - May 15, NORWAY (#1923) | http://www.globalinfo.org/eng/reader.asp?ArticleId=1923 | Challenges to Peace Education in Norway | warned Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung, who specializes in peace and conflict studies.

GSoA Jubiläumskonferenz 20 Jahre Peace Brigades International - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.gsoa.ch/zeitung/94/index.php?selection=15 | Jubiläumskonferenz 20 Jahre Peace Brigades International. | Gastsprecher/innen sind ua Johan Galtung (Norwegen), Sulak Sivaraksa (Thailand

³Global Peace, Security, and Human Rights² | http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/gpshr/gpshr.html | Foreign Relations, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and PAX 2100 | and the International Studies Program at Ventura | Johan Galtung "A New Vision of

Galtung&Fischer | http://www.jaring.my/just/Galtung&Fischer.htm | and global education to understand | Johan Galtung, a Professor of Peace Studies, is

Galtung, Johan | http://www.leksikon.org/html/dk/galtung_johan.htm | Johan Galtung. | ER. Litteratur af Galtung: Gandhis politiske etik (sammen | i København fra 1976). Peace problems: some case studies. Ejlers, Copenhagen (1980

Great Norwegians -- Page 2 | http://www.mnc.net/norway/Page2.htm | Johan Galtung (1930 - ), peace scholar Professor Johan Galtung -- Tells of Galtung's peace efforts and approaches. From the UK-based website of Conflict &

Galtung | http://www.neuer-weg.de/Galtung01.htm Faschismus ist berall. Der Friedensforscher | Johan Galtung ber den Balkan-Krieg. Johan Galtung erforscht seit fast 50 Jahren die Mechanismen von Krieg und Frieden und | 07/16/2001

Galtung: Peace and Conflict Research in the Age of the | http://www.tcnj.edu/~psm/pcs/manuscripts/pcs0007m.html | Johan Galtung. | researcher; the more modest "peace studies" presumably being what students | students). The person doing education is an educator; a

Global Network | http://www.uncc.edu/stwalker/sica/GN4.html | from Noam Chomsky, Johan Galtung, Christine Chinkin, Caroline | of six case studies, the coauthors (including | and impact on peace building and economic

Galtung Essay | http://www.wfs.org/mmgaltung.htm | Dialogue and global education to understand how others | About the author Johan Galtung is founder of | relevant topics and peace studies, served as

Galtung, J. (1995). Prospects for Media Monitoring: Much Overdue, but Never Too Late. Paper presented at the Special issue: "Media Flows and Monitoring with Focus on Racism and Xenophobia.". Argues that, since international journalism has recently shown inadequacy in connection with two major conflicts and public relations agencies have appeared as a new element in news manipulation, the monitoring of media has become crucial. Presents and clarifies some dimensions to be taken into account in any effort to establish a system of media monitoring. (SR) EJ511498

Galtung, J. (1998). The Peace Movement: An Exercise in Micro-Macro Linkages. Paper presented at the International Social Science Journal, 157, 401-405 Sep 1998. Provides information on the socio-historical background of the peace movement explaining that it stands not only for a challenge to governmental monopoly but also for a general reduction of the instruments of violence. Offers various remarks on the peace movement strategy. (CMK) EJ615716


History of Conflict Resolution: Bibliography | http://www.brad.ac.uk/acad/confres/dislearn/biblio2.html | friendly quarrels with Johan Galtung. Journal of Peace | and peace studies. Journal of | London: Quaker Peace and Service. | Civic Culture: Education for an

http://www.funet.fi/pub/sounds/ITR/102094_comm_ITH.readme | http://www.funet.fi/pub/sounds/ITR/102094_comm_ITH.readme | Common Ground Content: Considering Peace (Part 1) Norwegian Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies, University of Hawaii and founder of the International

http://www.funet.fi/pub/sounds/ITR/102494_comm_ITH.readme | http://www.funet.fi/pub/sounds/ITR/102494_comm_ITH.readme | Town Hall Program: Common Ground Content: Considering Peace (Part 2) Peace researcher Johan Galtung has studied the origins of conflict for decades. In this

hr-education@hrea.org - Peacebuilding Training Programme (Oslo, | http://www.hrea.org/lists/hr-education/markup/msg00617.html | 54 +0200; To: hr-education@hrea.org. | transcend.org THE TRAINERS Johan Galtung is founder and director | A professor of Peace Studies, he is widely

???????? | http://www.jca.ax.apc.org/g21/jp/schedule.htm | Iyer: Transcending intolerance??Johan Galtung: Peace by Peaceful Means | Ecology??Arun Gandhi: Education in Non-Violence

?? | http://www.meijigakuin.ac.jp/~iism/j-printings.html The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Higher Education for Peace | http://www.peace.uit.no/contributions/contributors-sessions.htm | Thematic group 12: Peace Education and Conflict Management: Session 12B: Johan Galtung> abstract. Session | and Development Studies University of

Higher Education for Peace | http://www.peace.uit.no/contributions/min-sessions/07C.htm | Higher Education for Peace Conference in | and probably in Johan Galtung and Carl | Searching for peace: the road to | and Development Studies University of

Hvem er Pg Policy, Research & Education? | http://www.policy.dk/pg15.htm | og mig selv". PG Policy, Research & Education ledes af mig, Peter Gorm Larsen. Firmaet | for Fredsforskning under bl.a. nordmanden Johan Galtung.

Home of Proutist Universal (PROUT) | http://www.prout.org/ | Sarkar's theory is far superior to Adam Smith's or that of Karl Marx." -- Johan Galtung, Founder UN Institute of Peace Studies. | Description: PROUT Progressive Utilization Theory integrates economic democracy and spiritual values-an answer | Category: Society> Issues> Economic

http://www.uq.net.au/~zzdkeena/NvT/21/21.10.txt | http://www.uq.net.au/~zzdkeena/NvT/21/21.10.txt Galtung Lecture Professor Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Hawaii, is giving a public lecture: "Europe 1989: The Role of Peace

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Images of International Stratification abstract | http://www.airbrasil.org.br/simon/imag_abs.htm | mainly industrialization and education, and a strong | at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo | the direction of Johan Galtung, and can be

Initiatives carried out by CENESTA 1979-2000 | http://www.cenesta.org/commiunity1.htm | on ³Goals, Processes & Indicators of Development,² (Project Co-ordinator: Prof. Johan Galtung) with the following studies (see also other categories):

IR Theory Syllabus | http://www.earlham.edu/~pols/ps71.htm | and the search for peace. Class time will be | the 1997 International Studies Association conference. | Robert Keohane, and Johan Galtung on the North

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Idealist.org: | http://www.idealist.org/orgs/12511 | torturism and death squads"; Johan Galtung, TRANSCEND. For purchasing details, contact the International Office of Peace Brigades International. Languages

IMTD - Current Events - Book Launch | http://www.imtd.org/current_book.htm | Reconciliation, Coexistence, and Justice | Professor of International Peace and Conflict Resolution | Fisher, Mari Fitzduff, Johan Galtung, Marc Gopin, Barry

It Takes 2 | http://www.ivow.net/vow/files/modules/takes24.html | research, music research, education and philosophy and | By Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies;Granada, Ritsumeikan, Tromsö

IISM: Institute for International Studies Meigaku | http://www.meijigakuin.ac.jp/~iism/iism02.htm |.. excuse us, under construction. | 1996?56?Johan Galtung?4 | Theory of Inner Peace. | Ecology in International Studies: Intellectual Development and

International debate on consequences of Nato | http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~richardj/Docs/international_debate_on_conseque.htm | war movement; the Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung, Director of Transcend - the international | just 12 days of peace after joining the American

Introduction to the Levande Framtid project | http://www.nnn.se/levande/light.htm | for a public education campaign announced in | concern is Johan Galtung, often | of modern peace research: "There | Galtung, whose numerous | of communication studies.

Increasing Demand: Training for Forgiveness | http://www.see-educoop.net/news/text/tff_03_00.htm | What do you | them TFF associates Johan Galtung, Richard Falk and | The Minister of Education Prosper Mpawenayo asked TFF | Minister for the Peace Process as

index | http://www.soc.sbs.ohio-state.edu/classes/soc748/slomczynski/ | Week Ten (November 29): Comparative Studies and Social Theory. Johan Galtung, Theory Formation in Social Research: A Plea for Pluralism..

ISRAELE-PALESTIN | - Una pace difficile - Conferenza-dibat | con JOHAN GALTUNG | http://www.tempidifraternita.it/agenda/galtung_israele_palestina.htm MERCOLEDI 16 MAGGIO. Conferenza-dibat | con. JOHAN GALTUNG. su. ISRAELE-PALESTIN | Una pace difficile. Dopo il trattato di Oslo, molti si erano illusi che il | 05/05/2001

Inter-University Institute for Peace research: research | http://www.ua.es/en/cultura/r.altamira/paurecerca.htm | Research The IIIP works actively in | in relation to Peace research, form a | Network of Future Studies). | to the Trascend method (Johan Galtung) or through

Instituto interuniversitario de investigación sobre la paz - | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.ua.es/iiip/ | con universidades extranjeras y con Transcend: A peace and development network que dirige Johan Galtung. También se realizarán cursos sobre diplomacia

ISA - Books of the Century | http://www.ucm.es/info/isa/books/vt/bkv_500.htm | Author/s, Title, Votes. | 1. 506, Galtung, Johan, Peace and Social | 1. 508, Galtung, Johan, Fengselssamfunnet, 1. | 548, Goudsblom, Johan, Sociology in | in Cultural Studies, 1. 570,

Ida Cordelia Beam Distinguished Visiting Professorships Program | http://www.uiowa.edu/~provost/idabeam/idabeamlecturers.htm | Department(s). Modelfi Asante, African-American Studies. Saul Bellow, Creative Writing. | Robert Brunstein, Theatre Arts. James P. Collman, Chemistry. Johan Galtung,

International Conference 2000 - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.unimondo.org/iupip/conference2000/stampa.html | COMUNICATI STAMPA -. | ( RTF ). L'INTERVENTO DI JOHAN GALTUNG (1a sess.), 13/10/2000. ( RTF ). L'INTERVENTO DI CHAIWAT SATHA-ANAND (1a sess.), 13/10/2000. |


Johan Galtung | http://danilo1970.interfree.it/galtung.html Johan Galtung uno dei fondatori dei moderni studi sulla pace. Nato a Oslo nel 1930, speriment da bambino gli orrori dell'occupazione | nazista in Norvegia | http:/ / danilo1970.interfree.it/ galtung.html

Johan Galtung leder seminar om sosial posisjon og Internet | http://folk.uio.no/iroggen/Galtung.HTML 08/24/2001 http:/ / folk.uio.no/ iroggen/ Galtung.HTML

Johan Galtung: Konflikttransfor | mit friedlichen Mitteln | http://habenix.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/wuf/wf-98/9830208m.htm Konflikttransfor | mit friedlichen Mitteln. Die Methode der Transzendenz. Konflikte haben ihren eigenen Lebenszyklus, fast wie ein Organismus. Sie erscheinen, erreichen einen emotionalen, gar gewaltttigen Hhepunkt, | 07/31/2000 http://habenix.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/wuf/wf-98/9830208m

Johan Galtung in Oldenburg | http://muenchen.bda.de/bda/nat/stachel/97.07/7frieden.html Oldenburger Stachel Nr. 7/97, Seite 16. Johan Galtung in Oldenburg. Der berhmte Friedensforscher | Johan Galtung referierte am 14.5.97 in Oldenburg vor kaum | 08/31/2001

Johan Galtung Friede mit friedlichen Mitteln. Friede und Konflikt Entwicklung un | http://www.3w-manuskript.de/Friede-mit-friedlichen-Mitteln-Friede-und-Konflikt-E Johan Galtung Friede mit friedlichen Mitteln. Friede und Konflikt Entwicklung und Kultur. Bcher. Titel: Friede mit friedlichen Mitteln. Friede und Konflikt, Entwicklung und Kultur. ISBN: | http://www.3w-manuskript.de/Friede-mit-friedlichen-Mit teln-Friede-und-Konflikt-E ntwicklung-und-Kultur-3810 018643.html

Johan Galtung Buecher | http://www.dramaliteratur.de/GaltungJohan.htm Autor: Titel: ISBN:Galtung Johan 3900478619.

Johan Galtung | http://www.fdv.uni-lj.si/JIRD/backissu/jird/vol1/galtung.htm JohanGaltung. 21st Century Conflict Formations: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Therapy. JIRD 1(1998)3-4: 152-163. The focus in the present essay is on global conflict | 03/30/2001

Johan Galtung versus Leif Johansen | http://www.friheten.no/lang/2000/12/leifj.html Da jeg skulle anmelde Johan Galtungs siste bok, Johan uten land, utgitt i forbindelse med hans 70-rsdag tidligere i hst, var jeg ute etter | 12/22/2000

JOHAN GALTUNG | http://www.fuhem.es/CIP/EDUCA/resenyas/recon.html Tras la violencia, 3R: reconstrucción, reconciliación, resolución Afrontando los efectos visibles e invisibles de la guerra y la violencia |. 02/22/2000

Johan Galtung | http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/gultang/galtung.html Global Peace, Security, and Human Rights Lecture Series presents Johan Galtung "A New Vision of Global Citizenship² Tuesday, March 6/ 4 P.M |.

Johan Galtung | http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/gultang/galtung.html | Johan Galtung "A New Vision of Global Citizenship². Tuesday, March 6 / 4 PM / FREE McCune Conference Room, 6020 HSSB. A distinguished professor of Peace Studies

[05-01-97] Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer, Possible Steps | http://www.pacificnews.org/jinn/stories/3.09/970501-korea.html | reality according to PNS correspondents by Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer. Galtung is a professor of peace studies at several universities and director of

Jennifer Turpin and Lester Kurtz / The Web of Violence | http://www.press.uillinois.edu/f96/turpin.html | THE WEB OF VIOLENCE. | of the interdisciplinary thrust of peace studies." -- Paul Joseph, Tufts University. | Brock-Utne, Riane Eisler, Johan Galtung.

Journal of Peace Research | http://www.sagepub.co.uk/journals/details/j0168.html | Bibliography for English Studies; International Bibliography of | Randall Forsberg USA Johan Galtung Norway Mary Kaldor | contribution to peace can my

Johan Galtung - The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing - Is There a Way Out | http://www.softmakers.com/fry/docs/galtung.htm Voices against the war in Kosovo. 6/10/99: The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing- Is There a Way Out? By Johan Galtung* Dr hc | 06/21/2001

Johan Galtung - The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing - Is | http://www.softmakers.com/fry/docs/galtung.htm | The Ethnic Cleansing - Is There a Way Out? By Johan Galtung* Dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies, Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network TFF

Johan Galtung foreslår at USA blir fredens supermakt | http://www.stavangeravisen.com/art.asp?art=4076 | Terroren | det han vil. Professor Johan Galtung startet Institutt for | Galtung har vært professor i | president i World Future Studies Federation, professor i

Johan Galtung Buecher | http://www.tagebuchliteratur.de/GaltungJohan.htm Info1: Info2: Galtung Johan. http://www.tagebuchliteratur.de/GaltungJohan

Johan Galtung: Konflikttransformation mit friedlichen Mitteln - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/wuf/wf-98/9830208m.htm | Johan Galtung, Dr. hc. mult., Professor of Peace Studies lehrt an den Universitäten Granada, Ritsumeikan, Trömso und Witten/Herdecke.>

Johan Galtung | http://www.vivai.de/futurion/noframes/dfutur96/kongress/referent/ Johan Galtung. born 1930 in Oslo | Socrates Prize for Adult Education, 1990. 1993, Bajaj | University of Tampere, 1975, peace studies. 1976, Dr honoris

Johan Galtung | http://www.vivai.de/futurion/noframes/dfutur96/kongress/referent/galtung.htm born 1930 in Oslo, Norway. Dr. hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies; University of Hawaii, Universität Witten/Herdecke, | European Peace University, Universitetet i | 06/09/1998


KK-FORUM: Stavanger ikveld: møte med Johan Galtung | http://www.itk.ntnu.no/ansatte/Andresen_Trond/kk-f/fra110699/0001.html Stavanger ikveld: mte med Johan Galtung. Sonja D. Tinnesand(sonjad | Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:07:47+0200(ME | DST) Messages sorted by: | 11/01/1999 http://www.itk.ntnu.no/ansatte/Andresen_Trond/kk-f/fra110699/0001.html

KJ Selections: Galtung | http://www.kampo.co.jp/kyoto-journal/kjselections/galtint.html | THE EDUCATION OF A PEACEMAKER An Interview | I first set eyes on Johan Galtung, often referred to as | of the field of Peace Studies," in the fall of

KJ Selections from Back Issues | http://www.kampo.co.jp/kyoto-journal/kjselections/kjselections.html | 38, Transforming Conflict) I first set eyes on Johan Galtung, often referred to as the "founder of the field of Peace Studies," in the fall of 1986. I had

Kosovo media debate one year after | http://www.polarities.net/newsviews/april2000/kosovo.html | Kivinen and Vesa also | the Norwegian Professor Johan Galtung and | Foundation for Peace and Future | Vesa quoted Galtung – who is | of conflict studies – as saying |


Life & Peace Institute: New Routes 3/98 | http://www.life-peace.org/nroutes/398.htm | In this issue of | Dept. of Rural Development Studies at University of | by a founding father of peace research, Johan Galtung, this stimulating and

Life & Peace Institute: Crossroads of conflict, NR 2/98 | http://www.life-peace.org/nroutes/cross298.htm | Crossroads of conflict Behind | nonviolence¹ to use Johan Galtung¹s term. | agreement on opening education buildings to Kosovars | unity. If a peace deal is

LAFC Bookstore | http://www.sgi-lafriendshipcenter.org/bkstore.htm | Back to Top. Dialogues | $18.00; Choose Peace,, Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda | Collections: Blossoms of Peace: SGI-USA | Bethel $12.00; Education for Creative |


MERCOLEDI¹ 16 MAGGIO Conferenza-dibat | con JOHAN GALTUNG su ISRAELE-PALESTIN | http://peacelink.it/appuntam/16%20e%2017%20maggio,%20no Conferenza-dibat | con JOHAN GALTUNG su ISRAELE-PALESTIN | Una pace difficile Dopo il trattato di Oslo, molti si erano illusi che il Medio Oriente avesse | 05/07/2001 http://peacelink.it/appuntam/16%20e%2017%20maggio,%20no nviolenza%20a%20Torino

Mahatma Gandhi Research & Media Service - Links - Education | http://www.gandhiserve.com/information/links/education/education.html | Interview with Dr. Johan Galtung Astrid Lindgren - Children's | in peace studies Canadian Centres | Peace Richmond Peace Education Center "War

MINELREL-L Archive (05202000-15:58:57-29549) | http://www.lvnet.lv/minelres/archive/05202000-15:58:57-29549.html | a Road-Map 4.1 Beyond Mediation 4.2 Beyond Security Johan Galtung is Director of TRANSCEND and Professor of Peace Studies. Carl G. Jacobsen is Professor of

MINELREL-L Archive (09252001-13:54:29-19714) | http://www.lvnet.lv/minelres/archive/09252001-13:54:29-19714.html | will be granted. JOHAN GALTUNG'S COLLECTED ESSAYS | Peace: research - education - action Vol II | 491 pp.) Peace problems: some case studies Vol VI

MANAGEMENT CENTER INNSBRUCK | http://www.mci.at/de/angebot/lehrg/mas/mas_history.htm | of PRIO by Johan Galtung in 1958 the | for didactical goals. Galtung himself and many | methodologies in peace education, peace studies and conflict

McMaster Notebook | http://www.mcmaster.ca/ua/opr/nms/notebook/march2700.html | Johan Galtung, distinguished professor of peace studies at the | the European Peace University and | Galtung¹s international | for Adult Education and the

My vision of a Canadian Peace Institute by Anne Adelson The | http://www.peace.ca/myvisionofcdnpeaceinstitute.htm | peace research and education, and strengthening the peace | for Peace Studies, Peace Research | for Teaching Peace, Johan Galtung's suggestion that |


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Advisory Council: Benjamin | http://www.igc.apc.org/napf/advisorycouncil.html | Johan Galtung, Ph.D., is | Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation An International Education and Advocacy

Newsvision.co.uk | http://www.jour.city.ac.uk/newsvision/israel.htm | Professor Johan Galtung. | Professor Galtung, a world expert on peace studies and an active | economic projects and peace education", said Professor

News Release | http://www.metafuture.org/Books/MacrohistoryandMacrohistorians.htm | history and futures studies.. | editor Futures Survey. Johan Galtung, Sohail Inayatullah, and | the historical, sociological, peace and futures literature

NALD - Fulltext - Tom G. Sticht - The AELS in the United | http://www.nald.ca/fulltext/sticht/aelsinus/pg2.htm The Adult Education and | would change."-- Johan Galtung (1975 | century following Galtung's vision of | education. Most studies of adult education point out

nettime> Re: Let the sunflower blossom again (part 2) | http://www.nettime.org/nettime.w3archive/199904/msg00100.html | United Nations Disaster Management Training Program. By Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies; American, Granada, Ritsumeikan, Troms and Witten

NIRA Review Spring 1995: Searching for Peace:The Work of | http://www.nira.go.jp/publ/review/95spring/hirai.html | institute's founder, Johan Galtung, proposed the | but important peace and conflict | for Applied Studies in International | research and education programs

New Page 2 | http://www.prio.no/html/Library.asp | peace research, conflict studies, security issues, disarmament, development studies, and international affairs. The holdings include extensive Johan Galtung

New Books from Renaissance Universal: cutting-edge thinking on | http://www.ru.org/newbooks.htm | future. " This book is simply Superb." - Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies. Aus$29.95. FUTURES

NNS Teachers: Plenaries | http://www.udl.es/dept/dal/non-native/Web_plenaries_NNS.htm | In mainstream economics | Norwegian peace researcher Johan Galtung states that | For positive peace, externalities have to | tongue medium education, which is

Norwegians Urge Bush to Avoid War (washingtonpost.com) | http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A24748-2001Sep25.html | Johan Galtung, a professor who signed the appeal, said | Lundestad, secretary of the Oslo-based Nobel Peace Prize awards committee, said it had received no |


Osama bin Laden and the Truth About The Israeli-Palestinian | http://www.crazynews.net/terrorism.html | Professor of Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, Austria Professor Johan Galtung, Expert on Peace Studies Human Rights Watch: Racial Discrimination in Israel

Other Titles | http://www.greenbooks.co.uk/other.htm Other titles. | range of interests includes education, politics, economics, society, architecture | edited speeches by Johan Galtung, John Turner, Mordechai

OJPCR: The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution | http://www.trinstitute.org/ojpcr/3_2jacobsen.htm | Poverty and War. | As noted earlier, education, preventable disease eradication | 4. See Johan Galtung and Carl G | Jacobsen, Searching for Peace; the Road to |


Peace Writes March 1999 | http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/Arts/departs/cpacs/news_99-1.htm | and the Arabs (Semitic Studies, Leanne Piggott) and | Global Education Associates is an | out come. Johan Galtung urges an | road' of peace journalism [which

[PDF] Eine empirisch-analytische Annäherung | http://www.berghof-center.org/english/publications/occasional/boc10eo.pdf File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat | words: partiality? The tension between `associative' and dissociative' peace-strategies which was described by Johan Galtung as far back as the 1970s has up to

Peace Initiatives: Selected Commentaries on September 11, 2001 | http://www.brc21.org/peace_cmnt.html | and the Rest of the World-September 21, 2001, by Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies at Pace University and Director of TRANSCEND, and Dietrich Fischer

President and board | http://www.bsufonline.org/board.htm | The BSUF Board includes | Research, Ankara, Turkey); Johan Galtung (Laureate of the Peace Award); Alvin Toffler | Conflict Prevention Studies Center and

[PDF] PDF-file: Working Papers -- Issue 8 | http://www.carnegie.ru| File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2000.., 103009,., 16/2..: (095) 935 8904.: (095) 935 8906..: info@carnegie.ru.: http://www.carnegie.ru

[PDF] What I'm thinking about: 2 What I'm thinking about: 2 | http://www.chass.utoronto.ca/~teperman/downloads/thinking2.pdf File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat | is ever wiser G G Johan Johan Galtung Galtung - the fox - has a world | be published in Journal of Futures Studies Will be published in Journal

PHOTO ALBUM "Treasured Moments" vol.4 1995-1997 | http://www.daisanbunmei.co.jp/photoab/eg/ | country that makes education its cornerstone. (May | Ikeda shows Dr. Johan Galtung, Norwegian professor of peace studies, and his wife

Peace Links | http://www.dfg-vk.de/english/book02.htm | Interview with Dr. Johan Galtung; Astrid Lindgren - Children's | in peace studies; Canadian Centres | Peace; Richmond Peace Education Center; "War

Peace and Conflict Research | http://www.dfg-vk.de/english/book08.htm | Peace Research and Education Trust (PRET); The | Livelihood Award 1987; Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies; Johan Galtung

Publications | http://www.djh.dk/personale/Hans-HenrikHolm/list%20of%20publications.html List of Publications | star | ", Journal of Peace Research, vol. 23 | Henrik Holm (eds.) "Johan Galtung. A Bibliography of | Amstrup (ed.), Studies in Danish

Peace Proposal Home Page | http://www.eaglepeak.clara.co.uk/senseiprofile.html | Pauling; Dialogue of World Citizens with Dr. Norman Cousins; Choose Peace, with Dr. Johan Galtung; The Snow Country Prince, The Cherry Tree, The Princess and

People Building Peace | http://www.euconflict.org/euconflict/pbp/ | these examples from the first decade of major citizen participation in foreign affairs.' Johan Galtung, Director, TRANSCEND, A Peace and Development Network.

Petition to the Security Council of the UN | http://www.globalinitiative.org/enpetn.html | Robert Muller, Peace University, Costa Rica - Georg Kreisler, writer, Switzerland - Udo Jürgens, singer, Switzerland/Austria - Johan Galtung, France/Norway

[PDF] TOWARDS KURDISTAN: SOME POINTERS ON THE ROAD by Johan | http://www.globalsolidarity.org/pdf-files/kurds.pdf | ON THE ROAD by Johan Galtung Unpublished Appendix to Johan Galtung and Carl G. Jacobsen, 2000 Searching for Peace: the Road to TRANSCEND. London: Pluto Press

Peace and Conflict Studies Home | http://www.gmu.edu/academic/pcs/ | and Conflict Studies. EDITORIAL STAFF. Editor-in | York, Binghamton, USA Johan Galtung, TRANSCEND, Norway Vasu | Peace and Conflict Studies is indexed

[PDF] Book Order Forms | http://www.gmu.edu/departments/ICAR/orders.pdf | Deep-Rooted US Pathologies Johan Galtung 1996 8.00 _______ _______ | Washington Area Roundtable on Peace and Conflict Studies Joan Drake 1995

Peace News March 1996 - Time to come clean over "non- | http://www.gn.apc.org/peacenews/issues/past/2400/pn240010.htm | The non-offensive defence (NOD) movement, first promoted by Johan Galtung, has long argued in favour of defensive weapon systems. The

Publications | http://www.gurukul.edu/press.htm | Kesson, Director of the Teacher Education Program at Goddard College. | This book is simply Superb." - Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies.

program | http://www.humanities.mcmaster.ca/peace-health/program.htm | 00 pm CASE STUDIES SESSION AND BUFFET | of conflicts: Johan Galtung. | am Where does 'Peace through' Health fit | health sciences education?: presentation by

[PDF] What is Peace Journalism? | http://www.impacs.org/pdfs/what%20is.pdf | conflicts. Professor Johan Galtung, Peace Studies professor and director of the TRANSCEND network, started using the term, `Peace Journalism' in the 1970s.

[PDF] A: Introduction in theories of peace, development and | http://www.mci.at/de/angebot/lehrg/mas/a.pdf | Peace and Development Studies. Fundamental issues of | the relationship between peace, conflict and violence | notably those of Johan Galtung. It also

Publikationen | http://www.peace-university.net/pub-e.html | Visionen für das 21 | Founders of the International Peace University from 1991 to | von Brück, Valentin Falin, Johan Galtung, Henry Kissinger, Ervin Laszlo

Peace Academy (Non violence recources part 1) | http://www.peace.ca/hero.htm-JohanGaltung.Heisgenerallyregardedasthefather | http://www.peace.ca/hero.htm - Johan Galtung. He is generally regarded as the father of modern peace research and education, having founded the world's first

PBI International 20th anniversary conference | http://www.peacebrigades.org/conference/biographies/galtung_bio.php?en | Johan GALTUNG, dr hc mult | UN 2000, 189pp. Johan uten land (autobiography | Prize for Adult Education, 1990; Bajaj | of Tampere, 1975, peace studies; Dr honoris

Peace Magazine Jan-Mar 2001 | http://www.peacemagazine.org/0101.htm | Nobel Peace Prize: Kim Dae Jung Peace researchers Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer explain why this Korean won the peace prize.

Peace Magazine Jul-Sep 2001 | http://www.peacemagazine.org/0107.htm | London: Elsevier Science, 2000, reviewed by John Bacher; Johan Galtung and Carl G. Jacobsen Searching for Peace: The Road to TRANSCEND Pluto Press, London (UK

Pearson Techonology Group - Peace, Conflict, and Violence: | http://www.pearsonptg.com/book_detail/0,3771,0130968218,00.html | peace, and peace education. | psychology and international studies at the OSU | 18. Crafting Peace: On the | the Transcend Approach, Johan Galtung and Finn

Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan | http://www.pgs.ca/pgs.php/health/32/ | Because of Johan Galtung's eminence, he was | lecturer in Peace Studies at McMaster) met | their humanitarian and peace education work with

[PDF] Theorien internationaler Integration versus Theorien | http://www.phil-fak.uni-duesseldorf.de/politik/sose2001/oe_eu_tup/ | Theorien internationaler Integration versus Theorien internationaler Organisationen Johan Galtung: Integration is the | A Working Peace System"; form

Politecnico di Torino: JOHAN GALTUNG al Politecnico | http://www.polito.it/annunci/testi/news-20001004174300.html JOHAN GALTUNG al Politecnico. Tuesday, 16-Jan-2001 12:49:21 MET. 01/16/2001

PPU education | http://www.ppu.org.uk/ed/pe_intro.html | on the issues facing peace education today Peace education in the post cold war era an interview with Johan Galtung Alternative futures Key to helping students

Proposals for Solving the Crisis In and Around Kosovo/a: The | http://www.refugees.net/en/proposals.html | and peace education; anda Security Group | Johan Galtung, a | of Peace Studies at

[PDF] Editorial Essay Sozialismus-Debatte Gesellschaft? Analysen & | http://www.rosaluxemburgstiftung.de/Bib/uk/Archiv/132/132i.pdf | & Zeitschriften Elmar Altvater, Johan Galtung, Mascha Madörin, Birgit | concerning war and peace were aspects of | Critical Legal Studies and the

Peace by Peaceful Means Johan Galtung Peace studies Social | http://www.select-books.co.uk/Peace-by-Peaceful-Means-0803975112.html Peace by Peaceful Means Johan Galtung Peace studies Social Sciences. Peace by Peaceful

Paige: Nonviolent Scholarly Resources | http://www.tcnj.edu/~psm/pcs/manuscripts/pcs0004m.html | II. They include studies in anthropology, education, history, language and | Galtung, Johan (1969). "Violence, Peace and Peace Research

PEACE EDUCATION | http://www.un.org/cyberschoolbus/peace/content.htm | Content & Methods Peace education brings together | of pedagogy, theories of education, and international | Paulo Freire, Johan Galtung, Elise and

Peace and Conflict Studies at University of Marburg | http://www.uni-marburg.de/konfliktforschung/teaching.html | Textbook projects. Three comprehensive introductory volumes | courses on peace and conflict studies (introduction into | 4 Johan Galtung: Friede mit

PEACE REVIEW: A Transnational Quarterly | http://www.usfca.edu/peacereview/PRInfo.html | Jennifer Turpin; Peace Review; Peace and Justice Studies; University of San Francisco; | Dietrich Fischer, USA. Johan Galtung USA, Dorota Gierycz |


Religions, Hard and Soft, by Johan Galtung | http://www.aril.org/galtung.htm RELIGIONS, HARD AND SOFT by Johan Galtung. Every religion contains, in varying degrees, elements of the soft and the hard. For the sake of world | 03/10/1999 Online journals and magazines: http://www.aril.org/galtung

[RTF] TFF PressInfo # 8 7 | http://www.chant4.co.uk/sgi/Documents/Galtung@Taplow%20Dec1999.rtf File Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML | HAV E TH E COURAG E O F OPTIMISM? By Johan Galtung* Dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network TFF adviser We

Religions, Hard and Soft | http://www.crosscurrents.org/galtung.htm | JOHAN GALTUNG the dean of international peace research, founded the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo in 1959. He worked on his first book

RESEARCH IN SOCIAL MOVEMENTS, CONFLICTS AND CHANGE | http://www.personal.kent.edu/~pcoy/ | of Social Conflict Studies at Syracuse University's | Ferree, John Foran, Johan Galtung, William Gamson, Andre | and to offer education, training, and

Research | http://www.poesia-per-musica.com/research.html | and contemporary studies, english and | its application in education, in schools | An Infectious Peace THROUGH MUSIC | applications: Dr Johan Galtung, Dr Maria

Reflections on Peacemaking as real-politik, conflict resolution | http://www.sfu.ca/~dann/nn4-4_8a.htm | Thus John Vasquez' The | Local Capacities for Peace through Aid analyses 15 case studies of NGO involvement | typified by Johan Galtung's new UN

Resource List of Recommended Books: Theory | http://www.state.oh.us/cdr/schools/bibliographytheory.htm | Question of Values, Johan Galtung's Peace Research. Boulder | College of Education. Piager, J. (1985 | of Peace. PEACE AND CONFLICT STUDIES, VOL. 3

Return-path: <110125 | http://www.unescocat.org/absgal.html JOHAN GALTUNG, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies American, Granada, Ritsumeikan, Tromsoe and Witten Universities Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and

[RTF] Johan Galtung: BEYOND PEACE AND JUSTICE | http://www.unimondo.org/iupip/conference2000/papers/johan_galtung.rtf File Format: Rich Text Format - View as HTML Johan Galtung: BEYOND PEACE AND JUSTICE. We are entering the 21st century and the prospects are dark. Beyond peace and justice is something much more elementary

Recent Publications and Issues | http://www.usfca.edu/peacereview/PRIssues.html | to read | a pleasure.' Johan Galtung, Institute for Peace | potential for the education of the | Past Director, Peace Studies Association, USA.

reef | http://www.vrnntt.ua.es/reef/Members/Honorary.htm | STEVENSON President World Futures Studies Federation Noosa, Australia, Prof. Johan GALTUNG Professor of Peace Studies University of Hawaii at Manoa Hawaii, USA.

reef | http://www.vrnntt.ua.es/reef/Reef/future.htm | REEF has been conceived as | Eleonora Barbieri Masini, Johan Galtung, Andres Pedreño, Tony | committed to Future Studies and education to join REEF and

Reed, P., Ed., & Rothenberg, D., Ed. (1993). Wisdom in the Open Air: The Norwegian Roots of Deep Ecology., 264p. This book traces the Norwegian roots of "deep ecology": the search for solutions to environmental problems by examining fundamental tenets of culture. Deep ecology contributes to the philosophical foundations of environmental education and outdoor education, and much writing in this area has focused on promoting awareness of the human relationship with nature. More broadly defined, deep ecology is a "questioning" ecology that recognizes the intrinsic value of nature, beyond human need. Although Arne Naess coined the term in the 1970s, the insights of deep ecology reflect a long tradition of thought within Norwegian culture. An introduction describes the Norwegian landscape, explores how the land has shaped Norway's politics and culture, and traces the history of the environmental movement in Norway. Chapters describe the work of seven Norwegian ecophilosophers and include excerpts of their work. Peter Wessel Zapffe (1899-1990), although pessimistic about the survival of humanity and nature, saw wilderness preservation as essential to mankind's spiritual development and existential well- being. Excerpts are "The Last Messiah"; "Farewell, Norway"; and poems. Professor of philosophy, 1936-70, Arne Naess shaped Norwegian higher education, which stresses a basic grounding in philosophy for all students and a concern for linking academics with real-world problems. This concern also forms the backbone of deep ecology: "wisdom related to action." Excerpts are "Intrinsic Value: Will the Defenders of Nature Please Rise?"; "The Politics of the Deep Ecology Movement"; and "Everything Really Important Is Dangerous." Sigmund Kvaloy, Norway's leading environmentalist, integrates philosophical thought and political action. Excerpts are "Complexity and Time: Breaking the Pyramid's Reign" and "Getting Our Feet Wet." Nils Faarlund, wilderness educator, expands on the Norwegian tradition of "friluftsliv" (open-air life) to emphasize the importance of first-hand nonaggressive outdoor experiences to reintroduce people to nature as their true home. Excerpts are "A Way Home" and "Touch the Earth." Other writers and their excerpts are: novelist Finn Alnaes ("The Way of Two-ness"); sociologist Johan Galtung ("Development Theory: Notes on an Alternative Approach"); and social reformer Erik Dammann ("The Future in Our Hands: Its Conceptions, Aims, and Strategies"). The Future in Our Hands is a Scandinavian organization that sponsors alternative development projects and related development education in secondary schools and adult education classes. A conclusion examines deep ecology's potential as a force for change. Contains references in notes, a selected bibliography, illustrations, and an index. (SV) ED417041


Sistema Latinoamericano de Naciones, Johan Galtung, Simon | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.airbrasil.org.br/simon/galtung.htm | Actualmente en el Peace Research Institute, Oslo | en esta perspectiva, es Galtung, Johan: "Rank and Social | the 'Latín American studies are pursued".

situating | http://www.amps.org/suv/gurukula/situating.htm SITUATING SARKAR. Tantra | of this Century.". - Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace, Political Science and | Institute of Futures Studies, University of

SIPA: Courses | http://www.columbia.edu/cu/sipa/COURSES/2001-2002/u6807.html | International Affairs U6807. | other scholars have focused their studies on the reasons for the | Galtung, Johan, Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and

Sources On Environmental Ethics | http://www.ecoethics.net/bib/tl-070-a.htm | and Daisaku Ikeda Johan Galtung (Editor), Richard L | Inner Peace, World Peace: Essays on Buddhism | Series in Buddhist Studies) Kenneth Kraft (Editor

story.html | http://www.gurukul.edu/nhe/story.html | Professor Johan Galtung, winner of Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel Prize) founder of International Peace Research Institute in Oslo, Norway.

Socius_??????(????:72 | http://www.honya.co.jp/contents/knomura/lec/lec72.html The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

September 11 - Discussion site | http://www.jca.ax.apc.org/g21/9-11.htm | A letter from Johan Galtung: THE UNITED STATES, THE WEST AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. " | What is needed as soon as humanly possible is a massive peace movement

SOC 308C - Peace and Conflict - Syllabus | http://www.la.utexas.edu/course-materials/sociology/soc308c/sp97/ | Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies." Annals of the American | BREAK. 3/17 Johan Galtung, "Is There a | Christmas Sermon on Peace" and "An Experiment

Spring, 2001 | http://www.la.utexas.edu/soc308c/syllabus.html | H. Katz, "Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies." Annals of the American Academy of | Johan Galtung, "Crafting Peace: On the Psychology of the

SZ-Interview mit Johan Galtung | http://www.muenster.de/~cviento/kosovo/galtung.html SZ-Interview mit Johan Galtung(SZ Nr. 127 v. 7.6.1999) Faschismus ist überall- Der Friedensforscher | Johan Galtung über den Balkan-Krieg |. 11/02/2000 Personal pages: http://www.muenster.de/~cviento/kosovo/galtung.html

Scientific Perspectives on Weapons of Mass Perspectives | http://www.nuclearfiles.org/ethics/science/ | mass murder." -- Johan Galtung University of California, Santa Barbara March 7, 2001 More on Galtung. | Copyright 2001 Nuclear Age Peace Foundation Reproduction

Social Network Diagram for GALTUNG JOHAN | http://www.pir.org/cgi-bin/nbonlin6.cgi?GALTUNG_JOHAN_ | UNITED STATES INSTITUTE PEACE: Z Magazine 1990-08 (115-116). GALTUNG JOHAN. pages searched: 4 These

Saccer | http://www.saccer.org/saccer.html | Community Centre for Education, Research and Action | 14, 1994 by Johan Galtung, distinguished professor of Peace Studies. The SACCER

Saccer | http://www.saccer.org/spkumar.html | Asia (Praeger, 2001); Education for Development and Peace (with Johan Galtung, forthcoming); "India and | and Futures Studies," "'Om-made

SID News 2 -- New Books | http://www.sad.ch/en/pub/nl/002/books.html | Johan Galtung, one of the founders of modern peace studies, describes his reason | for peace research, peace education, and peace action

SID News 2 -- Contents | http://www.sad.ch/en/pub/nl/002/content.html | Social Futures. Global Visions; Johan Galtung: Peace by Peaceful Means. Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization; Johan Galtung: Forschung, Erziehung und

Series | http://www.sagepub.co.uk/shopping/Series.asp?seriesid=PRIO | Peace by Peaceful Means: Peace and Conflict, Development and Civilization Johan Galtung Published 1996 Paper £ 22.99.

Series | http://www.sagepub.com/Shopping/Series.asp?seriesid=92 | with extensive empirical studies to provide readers | peace research, peace education, and peace action. This incisive | is organized | Johan Galtung,

Sarvodaya International Trust | http://www.sarvodayatrust.org/ | Dedicated to promoting the Gandhian | of Truth, Non Violence, Peace, Universal Brotherhood and | Shridath Ramphal, Professor Johan Galtung, Mr. Danilo Dolci

Schultzboghandel.dk | http://www.schultzboghandel.dk/schultz.asp?topic=182&semne=198 | Peace: research, education, action: Johan | Peace problems: Johan | cold war: Johan Galtung, Christian Ejlers | Copenhagen Political Studies Press, (1995

SGI Quarterly - April, 1997 Index | http://www.sgi.org/english/archives/quarterly/9704/9704_index.html | a Peaceful World, by Johan Galtung. | Chapter in Mauritius; Annual Peace Proposal; SGI Day | of an Environment Studies College, Luis Vieira | Arts & Education.

Soka Gakkai International - Quarterly 9904 - ARTS and | http://www.sgi.org/english/archives/quarterly/9904/art_edu-1.html | and multiculturalism and peace education. | to pursue master's degrees in peace studies at Bradford. Prof. Johan Galtung, known as the "founding

SOP 17-1 Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend | http://www.siam21.com/sop/vol%2017-1%20Pridi%20Banomyong/17-1%20the%20road%20to%20transcend.htm Searching for Peace: The Road to Transcend Johan Galtung and Carl G. Jacobsen ( 2000) Reviewed by Angela Ballard.

SKDZ: Johan Galtung: The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing - Is there a Way Out | | http://www.skdz.de/doc/analyse_1.htm Johan Galtung: The NATO War, The Ethnic Cleansing- Is there a Way Out? "Where do I stand: very simply, I am against the NATO | 07/22/1999

Singapore Soka Association - Book List (Dialogue) | http://www.ssabuddhist.org/bk3dialg.html | Title, Language, Price. Choose | Choose Peace (with Johan Galtung), English, $19.60. | addresses and peace proposals, 1988 - 1992 | on Humanistic Education for the

Singapore Soka Association - Book List (Dialogue) | http://www.ssabuddhist.org/dialogue.html | Dialogue on Humanistic Education for the New | Choose Peace by Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda A | figures in international peace studies. In this

Searching For Peace - Johan Galtung,Carl G. Jacobsen,Kai | http://www.styluspub.com/books/book4862.html | Johan Galtung is Professor of Peace Studies, and the Director of TRANSCEND, Geneva, Switzerland. Carl G. Jacobsen is Professor of Political Science

Senter for miljø og utviklingsstudier, SEMUT | http://www.uit.no/semut/old/intsem/ingress_v99.htm | Innleder: Johan Galtung, dr. hc. mult. Professor i fredsstudier | og Witten/Herdecke. Leder av Transcend Peace & Development Network, Grunlegger av

Sponsored Links | http://www.ukc.ac.uk/international/bsis Brussels School of International Studies MA International Conflict Analysis http://www.ukc.ac.uk/international/bsis Interest:

Scuola Europea di Studi Avanzati in Cooperazione e Sviluppo | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.unipv.it/iuss/esascs/eventi/eventi.html | The role of Higher Education Prof. Baramki - Palestine | Co-operation Prof. Johan Galtung Professor of Peace Studies, Director of Transcend.


The Language Teacher 20.11: Interview with Johan Galtung | http://langue.hyper.chubu.ac.jp/jalt/pub/tlt/96/nov/galtung.html An Interview with Johan Galtung. Donna J. McInnis Soka University. Johan Galtung, one of the founders of modern peace studies, is Professor of Peace Studies | 09/25/1998 http://langue.hyper.chubu.ac.jp/jalt/pub/tlt/96/nov/galtung.html

TRANSCEND: 40 YEARS, 40 CONFLICTS By Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of | | http://transcend.org/TRPOPINT.HTM TRANSCEND: 40 YEARS, 40 CONFLICTS By Johan Galtung, dr hc mult, Professor of Peace Studies, Director, TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network May 1999 1 |. 05/22/2001 http://transcend.org/TRPOPINT.HTM JOHAN GALTUNG - AN APPRECIATION BY JAKE LYNCH AND ANNABEL McGOLDRICK Every so |..

The WWW VL / IDC: Alphabetical Index: AC | http://www.alcazar.com/wwwvl_idc/abc.html | led by Prof Johan Galtung, founder of | to intervene for peace. Caribbean Group | of African Studies (CAS) "provides | veterinary medicine, education, law and

TFF HOME | http://www.algonet.se/~d58155/highlights.html | Montenegro. TFF Pressinfo 91 | their military with Johan Galtung. | Blueprint for Partnership Education in the 21st | in reporting. The Peace Journalism option

TV Paul | http://www.arts.mcgill.ca/programs/polisci/faculty/tvpaul.html | Journal of Asian and African Studies (3, Winter forthcoming). | 1996: A Question of Values: Johan Galtung's Peace Research (Peter Lawler, Lynne

The EPU & its primary goals | http://www.aspr.ac.at/goals.htm | The original curriculum of the EPU was designed along the lines of Johan Galtung´s "Plan for a Master | post-graduate programmes in peace studies.

Terror gegen Amerika - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.gesis.org/Information/Themen/Fokusplus/amerika/Analysen.htm | im internationalen Terrorismus?'. NEU! The Islamic | of International Peace and Organization | alternativen Friedensnobelpreises Johan Galtung; sehr Amerika

Terrorist attacks in USA | http://www.gtz.de/aktuell/english/statements.htm | Johan Galtung, Norwegian peace researcher and holder of the alternative Nobel Peace Prize in an article published by "Der Spiegel" online on 20 September:

transcend conflict workshops | http://www.lende.no/conflict/ | Reality Therapy and studies at The Social | of Higher Education,. Published papers | Psychology of Peace - not yet | to professor Johan Galtung in several

The Humanities and Conflict Resolution | http://www.nova.edu/shss/pcccp/hcr.htm | eg, politics, economics, education, geography, religion, arts | Germany, folklore studies became an | [1] Johan Galtung, ³Twenty-Five Years of Peace Research

Transcend-Method | nach Galtung | http://www.oneworld.at/Galtung.htm Konflikttransfor | mit friedlichen Mitteln. die TRANSCEND Methode. ein neues Paradigma fr alle Konfliktarbeiter | die an Theorie und Praxis einer gewaltfreien, dialogischen, solidarischen und zukunftsfhigen Konfliktlsung | 07/13/2001

TFF with TNN: bigger, better and broader | http://www.peacelink.it/webgate/pace/msg01145.html | crucial piece on the election | * Johan Galtung, TFF Associate & Terence Duffy | Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, TFF Peace Antenna, November 6, 2000

Towards a comprehensive and proactive security policy | http://www.ploughshares.ca/CONTENT/MONITOR/mond00c.html | Recommendation 8: DRUG EDUCATION AND REHABILITATION to | Professor of Peace Studies at the European Peace University in | Galtung, Johan, and Jacobsen

79 Tage NATO-Bomben auf Jugoslawien - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.refugees.net/de/stop.html | Menschenrechte und Bomben, Nach dem Balkan | Johan Galtung, TFF Pressinfo 70, 10.06.99. UN | G8 Kosovo Principles, [en]. Another Peace Plan Fraud. TTF Press Info

The Right Livelihood Award -- Recipients -- Robert Jungk ( | http://www.rightlivelihood.se/recip1986_1.html | Robert Jungk was born in 1913 | his life: the future, and peace and anti-nuclear activity | on anti-nuclear campaigns; with Johan Galtung he co-founded the

The Right Livelihood Award -- Recipients -- Johan Galtung ( | http://www.rightlivelihood.se/recip1987_1.html | indispensable is a valid link between brain and heart. And that, in a nutshell, is what peace studies and peace practice are all about." - Johan Galtung.

The Right Livelihood Award -- Recipients -- Johan Galtung (1987 | http://www.rightlivelihood.se/recip1987_1.html Johan Galtung(1987) Honorary Award. "for his systematic and multidisciplinar | study of the conditions which can lead to peace." 51 Bois Chatton F- | http://www.rightlivelihood.se/recip1987_1.html

TAPphilosophy | http://www.s.soka.ac.jp/~our/TAPweb/TAPphilosophy.html | Established by Dr. Johan Galtung, one of the founders of Peace Studies, the Transcend Method is a conflict transformation technique enabling all participants

The United States, the West and the Rest of the World | http://www.solidaritetshuset.org/rorg/aktuelt/samle/0104/galtung.htm | Johan Galtung is a | professor of peace studies of Hawaii ao Galtung has developed | a development and peace network with | and global education to understand

Terror mot USA: Hva nå? Internasjonale kommentarer: | http://www.solidaritetshuset.org/rorg/aktuelt/samle/0104/int.htm | Fighting terrorism of all brands | of the World, by Johan Galtung and Dietrich Fischer: The | Power, Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research

TNI History: First Conference 1974 | http://www.tni.org/history/part1/chili74.htm | Institute for Social Studies, The Hague Luciana Castellini - Il Manifesto, Rome (Observer) Johan Galtung - Director, International Peace Research Institute

Toda Institute - Peace & Policy - Booknotes | http://www.toda.org/publications/peace_policy/p_p_w97/booknotes.html | Choose Peace, by Johan Galtung and Daisaku Ikeda. London: Pluto Press, 1995. 161pp. Two leading figures in international peace studies explore the interface

Transcend - A Peace and Development Organisation for Conflict | http://www.transcend.org/ A Workshop with Johan Galtung, Professor of Peace Studies and Director, TRANSCEND Date: October 13-14, 2001 PLACE: Schimmel Theater, Pace University, New York.

TFF Meeting Point | http://www.transnational.org/forum/meet/2000/meeting..2000.html | July 15, 2000 Jan Oberg Peace work and movements at the turn of the century. July 1, 2000 Johan Galtung From demilitarised zones to zones of peace.

TFF Associates | http://www.transnational.org/tff/people/j_galtung.html | Johan Galtung. Professor of peace studies at the University of Hawaii, the University of Witten/Herdecke, the European Peace University, and the University of

TI Advisory Council | http://www.transparency.org/organisation/adv-council.html | Johan Galtung. Norway Peace Researcher, Alternative Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Ekaterina Genieva. Russia Director General of State Library for Foreign Literature.

The Center for the Study of Global Issues | http://www.uga.edu/globis/Conferences.html | for Continuing Education. Unfortunately, early in | Korean National Studies Association Ji | for International Peace John Merrill | DELIVERED BY JOHAN GALTUNG".

Tromsøflaket Nr. 2 2000 | http://www.uit.no/tromsoflaket/2000.02/6.html | Krig begynner i sinnet | Galtung og Stoltenberg Johan Galtung og Thorvald | on Disarmament Education, Conflict Resolution and Peace. – Hvor i

The Challenge of Peace | http://www.unrisd.org/wsp/cop2/toc.htm The Challenge of Peace. | cases; Participation; Information. Editorial: Resolution, Reconstruction, Reconciliation: Do them together! by Johan Galtung. |


Untitled | http://www.american.edu/salla/pax-ess.htm | as an event, the movement of the tectonic plates as a process, and the fault line as a more permanent condition." Johan Galtung, Peace by Peaceful Means, 1996.

Untitled Document | http://www.amps.org/suv/gurukula/futuresblurb.html | 5. Johan Galtung, Peace, Vision and the Future. 6 | 8. Francis Hutchinson, Future Generations, Education and Alternatives to | Travels in Futures Studies.

Untitled - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.bruecken-der-hoffnung.de/Galtung-Ursachen-der-Gewalt.htm | Johan Galtung, geboren 1930 in | mit Prof. Dr. Johan Galtung, Friedensforscher. Universität Hamburg | 8,-DM. unterstützt durch: Peace Brigades International.

UofT G8 Information Centre: G8 Research Group | http://www.g7.utoronto.ca/g7/about/specialadvisors.htm | Austrian Ministry of Education, Medal of the | with Dr. Johan Galtung, among others. | of the International Peace Academy on | the Economic Studies Program of

Untitled | http://www.gn.apc.org/www.poiesis.org/cnp-unog/cnp-unoghome.html | Conflict & Peace Forums, based at Taplow, Bucks, in conjunction with the UN & Johan Galtung's Transcend Network in Geneva are offering an exciting and unusual

Untitled | http://www.hawaii.edu/uhip/buddintro.html | perspectives of Buddhism (Sulak Sivaraksa), leadership (Kinhide Mushakoji), and peace research (Johan Galtung). This continued the tradition of our seminars in

Untitled | http://www.human.mie-u.ac.jp/~peace/PCTRC-trainingprogramme.htm | Conflict Transformation by Peaceful Means. The author of the manual, Johan Galtung, creator of peace research and one o the world?fs leading practitioners of

Untitled | http://www.iqsnet.it/universita/html/formedcall.html CUM COMMUNITY OF | Philippe (Francia), Johan Galtung (USA), Finegold | strategies Teacher education Interculturality and | skills Case studies Classroom

Untitled | http://www.konfliktloesning.dk/galtung.htm Efter terrorangrebet i USA. | om johan galtung · Født i Norge 1930 | af The Journal of Peace Research fra 1969-77. | Prize for Adult Education 1990 og Bajaj

Untitled | http://www.law.emory.edu/EILR/volumes/spg97/WOLCOTT_fn.html * Kirk Wolcott serves | for International Peace Studies); Kirk Wolcott (Assistant | an Agenda for Peace: Position Paper of | at 32. Johan Galtung first used

Update, March 20, 2000 | http://www.mcmaster.ca/ua/opr/courier/mar2000/update.html | for Peace Studies presents Bertrand Russell Peace Lecturer Johan Galtung, professor of peace studies, author and founder of the International Peace Research

Untitled | http://www.metafuture.org/Books/Understanding_Sarkar_Brill.htm | Professor Johan Galtung, co-founder of International Peace Research | politics, Gandhi, civilization theory, macrohistory and peace studies.

UN PROJET PRÉPARÉ DANS L'ESPRIT DU " WORLD URANIUM HEARING | - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.nuclear-free.com/french/frennffa.htm | philosophe et défenseur des Droits Civiques, Etats-Unis; Johan Galtung, peace researcher, Oslo; Teddy Goldsmith, Alternative Nobel Prize Award, Angleterre;

Uomini di pace - [ Translate this page ] | http://www.peacelink.it/pace2000/webstoria/6uomini/galtung.html | Opere su Johan Galtung: non conosciamo monografie su Galtung, ovviamente tutti i lavori di peace research lo citano come riferimento basilare.

Untitled | http://www.poiesis.org/homepage.html | Recent speakers have included: Johan Galtung, Will Hutton, Hazel Henderson. Upcoming event Power of the Arts to include John Tusa, Richard Sennet, Zygmunt

Untitled | http://www.reportingtheworld.org/clients/rtwhome.nsf/LKcontacts/ Johan Galtung Transcend: Director. | father of Peace Studies, has held chairs | Peace Actor Empowerment, Peace Education, Peace Journalism, Peace

Untitled | http://www.reportingtheworld.org/clients/rtwhome.nsf/seminarwrapups/ | apathy" among the public. Links Structural violence, Mid East | Shalom's 80 theses for peace The case for | McBride Gila Svirsky Johan Galtung Lee O'Brien

UIA.org: Members | http://www.uia.org/uiaprof/fullmem.htm | General, International Peace Research Association | and Humanistic Studies (France). | Professor Johan Galtung, Professor | Consultant, Education International

Untitled Document | http://www.wilmington.edu/Pol-Soc.html | conflict and peace. Alternate years. Fall | theories of Johan Galtung, Gene Sharp | and Political Studies (See Departmental | A general education course which |


VOW | http://www.ivow.net/vow/files/theme.html | role of music in education, how this impacts both | work of Dr Johan Galtung, considered the founder of peace studies. These three themes

VisionTV | http://www.visiontv.ca/programs/insight/indepth_popup.htm | October 11. ³Peace Now² Features an interview with Johan Galtung, 2001 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Director of TRANSCEND, a peace and development network. |


wfsf | http://www.idebanken.no/wfsf.htm | Bakgrunn World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) er et globalt | bl.a. Robert Jungk og Johan Galtung som initiativtakere. Den formelle stiftelsen

War Resisters' International - Archive | http://www.iisg.nl/archives/gias/w/10773401.html | Bing, Hem Day, Johan Galtung, Devi Prasad, Eugen Relgis, Hein van Wijk and others 1922-1991; correspondence with other international peace organizations 1928

Weekly Columns | http://www.ipsnews.net/weekly.shtml | the powerless, write Johan Galtung, a Professor of Peace Studies, is Director | TRANSCEND, a peace and development | and global education to understand

Why on earth a Nuclear-Free Future Award? | http://www.nuclear-free.com/english/nffaward.htm | being optimized, scientific studies were being released | Education: journalists who reveal | activist, USA; Johan Galtung, peace researcher, Oslo; Teddy

War Prevention Works | http://www.oxfrg.demon.co.uk/wpw%20-%20links.html | Resources that we found useful | org) and features case studies from around the | Peace by Peaceful Means, (Johan Galtung, Sage Publications, London

What's Next for the Balkans? | http://www.ru.org/balkans/ | Johan Galtung is a Professor of Peace Studies and the director of TRANSCEND: A Peace and Development Network. © TRANSCEND, Johan Galtung & TFF 1999 You are

Worksheet2 | http://www.s.soka.ac.jp/~our/TAPweb/TAPcourseFolder/Worksheet2.html | definition is about the TRANSCEND method designed by Johan Galtung, often called "the father of peace studies" just like Elise Boulding is called "the mother

WJMCR: endnotes | http://www.scripps.ohiou.edu/wjmcr/vol02/2-2a-N.htm | 1 John. M. Hamilton | in Foreign News," Media Studies Journal 7 (Fall 1993 | 3 Johan Galtung and Mari Holmboe | Newspapers," Journal of Peace Research 2 (1965

War and Peace Sole Superpower Syndrome | http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Foreign_Policy/WarPeace_SSS.html | through its lies. As European scholar Johan Galtung puts it, "The first casualty of war is not truth. That is the second. The first casualty of war is peace.".

WSP Database - PEACE BY PEACEFUL MEANS - PEACE AND CONFLICT | http://www.unrisd.org/wsp/db/docs/w2107.htm | Keywords (Subject): peace building | assumptions of peace studies, as well | politics of peace and development | the conclusion, Johan Galtung draws together

WagingPeace | http://www.visiontv.ca/media/news/news_1WagingPeace.htm | are questions Johan Galtung has spent a lifetime trying to answer. On Thursday, Oct. 11 at 9 pm and 11 pm ET, VisionTV Insight: Indepth presents "Peace Now," a

wagingpeace.org- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, information on | http://www.wagingpeace.org/about/boards/advisory.htm | Johan Galtung, Ph.D., is Professor of Peace Studies, a founder of the Oslo Peace Research Institute, and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award. Gerry

wagingpeace.org- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Nuclear Weapons | http://www.wagingpeace.org/whatsnew.html | Remembrance, Small Arms, Action. | the establishing of peace education programs. More | Dennis J. Kucinich, Johan Galtung, Lloyd Axworthy, former

Weber, T. (May 1999). Gandhi, Deep Ecology, Peace Research and Buddhist Economics. Journal of Peace Research, 36(3), 349-362(314). The central importance of Gandhi to nonviolent activism is widely acknowledged. There are also other significant peace-related bodies of knowledge that have gained such popularity in the West in the relatively recent past that they have changed the directions of thought and have been important in encouraging social movements - yet they have not been analysed in terms of antecedents, especially Gandhian ones. The new environmentalism in the form of deep ecology, the discipline of peace research and what has become known as 'Buddhist economics' very closely mirror Gandhi's philosophy. This article analyses the Mahatma's contribution to the intellectual development of three leading figures in these fields: Arne Naess, Johan Galtung and E. F. Schumacher and argues that those who want to make an informed study of deep ecology, peace research or Buddhist economics, and particularly those who are interested in the philosophy of Naess, Galtung or Schumacher, should go back to Gandhi for a fuller picture.


xrefer - structural violence | http://www.xrefer.com/entry/553621 | structural violence, Popularized by the Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung, the idea | CAJC Bibliography J. Galtung, 'Violence, Peace and Peace |

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